Sterling Silver Seashell Earrings

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Handmade Seashell Earrings

Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings, made by me Kinda Bush from Tropical Seashell Treasures. There are many different kinds to choose from.

Comment that you are interested and I will send you a picture, for you too choose your one of a kind pair. A special Tropical Treasure, made to order just for you.

Price $16.00
includes tax and shipping. A GREAT DEAL!!!

I except PayPal

Send me a message with your email address, so I can send you an invoice, along with a picture of my beautiful one of a kind Tropical Seashell pair’s, just for you.

Happy Shelling,

One thought on “Sterling Silver Seashell Earrings

  1. These are beautiful and so unique! I’d love to see more of your products. These would make great Christmas presents for my family up North. You are very talented!

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