How To Find Buried Treasures

How to Find Buried Treasures

The definition of Beach combing is: hunting for lost coins or jewelry on a beach. Learning how to find Buried Treasures, can be as simple or as complicated as one wishes to make it. Using a Metal Detector increases your chances in finding Precious Metals. Many dedicated beach hunters also familiarize themselves with tide movements and beach erosion.

My neighbor has a Metal Detector that he lets me use once in awhile. I have so much fun exploring different areas on the beach, where people were using there Umbrellas, Cabanas and Beach Chairs. Its amazing how much Treasure I find that has been left behind by people, that has been buried under the sand.  I find coins, jewelry, toys, watches, sunglasses and one time I even found a class ring with a ruby in it. The school name was engraved around the Ruby and the name of the student was engraved inside. I called the school and told them that I found the ring at the Beach. I left my phone number, so they could call the students Mother. She called me and gave me there address so I could mail them the ring. It was such a good feeling to be able to return the ring, that had a special meaning to them.

You can find your own Buried Treasures with a Metal Detector, that I recommend from Amazon. Click on the picture below and it will take you to the Metal Detector, or you can browse thru the many other various Metal Detectors that Amazon has.

What to do after you find your Treasures

After you find your Buried Treasures, you will want to do a test on the items. You will need a Testing Stone for a Acid-Scratch Test on Gold, Silver & Platinum.  I recommend the Pro Deluxe Testing Stone for only $9.00 at Amazon. Click on the Image below to order this, or browse thru the various other Testers.

Metal detecting clubs across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada exist for hobbyists to learn from others, show off finds from their hunts and to learn more about the hobby.

Seashell beachcombers

Many beachcombers follow the “drift lines” or “tide lines” on the beach and are interested in the (mostly natural) objects that the sea casts up. For these people, “beachcoming” is the recreational activity of looking for and finding various curiosities that have washed in with the tide. Such as seashells of every kind, fossils, sea beans (drift seeds), sea glass (beach glass) and driftwood. As long as the items are either decorative or useful in some way to create various arts and craft projects. Emmerse yourself in the beachcombing experience; the wind in your face, the smell of salt spray, the roar of the ocean; it’s an assault on the senses, the perfect tonic – and this book is your essential guide on how to find Buried Treasures.

Metal Detecting for Kids: An Easy Guide for Finding Buried Treasures With a Metal Detector

More information Beach combing and Metal Detecting, can be found on  Beachcombing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

12 thoughts on “How To Find Buried Treasures

  1. Hello Jason,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Yes it is a very fascinating and interesting hobby. Im glad that I have peaked your interest, it is alot of fun. You never know what you will find each time you go out to the beach with the Metal Detector. If you decide to get a Metal Detector you can click on the Metal Detector Image, on my post and it will take you to Amazon’s many pages of Metal Detectors.

    I hope you come back often to my website to see the progress I make adding all the Seashells of Florida with the description and information for each shell.

    Thank you again,

    Happy Shelling
    Kinda Bush

  2. Hello Claud,

    Thank you for visiting my website. You are right. I just changed it. I forgot to put the letter (b) in the word. Thank you for letting me know. English was never my strong suit in school. I hope you come back often to my website to see the progress I make adding all the Seashells of Florida with the description and information for each shell.

    Thank you again,

    Happy Shelling
    Kinda Bush

  3. Hello Marc,

    Wow, I dont think I would be able to make my own Metal Detector, but that would be cool. Im saving up for one now, so I dont have to borrow my neighbors anymore. I bet it was beautiful watching the storms roll in. I am a Scuba Diver and sometimes I dream of being a underwater Treasure Hunter. I love the movie Fools Gold with Kate Hudson and Mathew McConelly in it. I wake up from the dream being captured by pirates though. Scarry thought!!!

    Come back often to my website to see the progress I make adding all the Seashells of Florida with the description and information for each shell.

    Thank you again,

    Happy Shelling
    Kinda Bush

  4. Hellow Scott,

    Thank you for visiting me website. Yes searching for treasures at the beach is alot of fun. If you click on the Metal Detector package Image from Amazon, it will take you to the many pages of Metal Dectors. Im sure you would be able to find some for your family that has the components you would need. I also added a link to a childrens book that was requested from a previous comment to my post. It is called

    Have fun this summer and come back often to my website to see the progress I make adding all the Seashells of Florida with the description and information for each shell.

    Thank you again,

    Happy Shelling
    Kinda Bush

  5. Hi Nathaniell, Thank you visiting my website. I am really excited about summer coming coming up. For me it means being able to go in the ocean and get seashells, because the water is warm. You mentioned that you wanted tips on how kids can find cool stuff. I wanted to let you know that when I was on Amazon looking for a book on the Metal Detector, I came across a book on Metal Detecting for kids. I added a link to the post under the other book, so it will take you straight to the childrens book. It looks like it would be a great book for kids. You should check it out. Let me know what you think of the book or any others you find.

    Happy Shelling

    Kinda Bush

  6. Hi Kinda, what a lovely article – took me back to my childhood days of digging around on the beach for shells. Can’t believe the things you’ve found – that’s quite a haul!

  7. I wonder what the most valuable thing is that a person has ever found on a beach? I’m sure that a metal detector makes it far more likely that you will find something valuable, but even without a metal detector you can probably find some interesting things. What’s the best thing you’ve ever found on a beach?

  8. Hi Kinda, This looks like a fascinating interest & something I’d like to pursue, It gets people out of their homes & into the fresh air & it could lead to some really interesting finds, It isn’t something I’d ever considered before, but you have peaked my interest with this one 🙂

  9. Hi Kinda,

    Fascinating and interesting web site. One minor point, right at the beginning you have a typo error: The definition of Beach COMING is ……

  10. I have always been intrigued by the thought of looking for treasure. I used to live in Israel along the Med. I loved it when the storms would roll in. The next morning I would beach comb. I used to find all kinds of pottery. Very cool. Have you ever thought about making your own metal detector?

  11. Hi Kinda! I think searching for treasures for fun at the beach keeps us young at heart. After reading your post, I’m thinking that our family needs to get some tools for the summer! Thank you for sharing your passion, and your story … is a true inspiration :))

  12. Yeah! Summer’s coming up and this looks like a really cool activity to do with the kids. Do you have any tips or posts about how kids can find cool stuff? For adults, it’s most fun when you can find money and actual treasure, but I think kids would be happy finding an old shoe, lol. But seriously, finding shells and stuff under the sand is probably pretty fun if you know where to look.

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