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Hi, my name is Kinda Bush (no not kinda) but Linda with a K.

I am passionate about the Tropics and the wonderful world of Seashells.  I love to share all the knowledge I have learned, with everyone.  I live in Madeira Beach, FL, only 3 blocks from the Gulf of Mexico.  I am a faithful beachcomber, at least 3 days a week to pick up Seashells, for my beautiful seashell artwork.

walking on the beach

Photo credit: SusanQuinnPhotoArt.com

Let Me Start With Where I Came From:

I grew up in Redmond, WA.  My family would go to the beach and dig for clams, at least once a month.  We would start a fire right on the beach and boil the clams for us to all share.  They were so good. What a great memory in my childhood years.  I think that is where it all began, with me loving the beach and seashells. 

My Journey on how I decided to start this Website.

I wanted to do something I loved, so I decided to learn everything I could about Seashells in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. I have been learning so much in all the research I have gathered from books, the internet and from Seashell shops.  As well as from the people I meet at the beach when I am collecting Seashells.  

I love being a Beachcomber and hope, you love it too.  That is why I created this website, to share all of the  knowledge, I have gained in my research, with all of you.  Please let me know, if there is anything you would like me to add, or if you just want to leave a comment below. I am so excited to be able to connect with all the Beachcombers out there.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂


Founder:  Kinda Bush


Email: Kinda@TropicalSeashellTreasures.com

9 thoughts on “About Kinda

  1. That’s a great idea. I love to collect shark teeth. In fact I found a bunch of them a couple weeks ago on a beach in Englewood Florida. I also find a whole lot of horseshoe crabs at the beach in Fort Desoto. When I start adding all of the seashells I will also add sharp teeth and horseshoe crabs.

    Thanks for your comment,

    Kinda Bush

  2. Shark teeth and horseshoe crabs would be a nice addition to this website

  3. Hello Charley,

    I wanted to thank you again for letting me know about my donation button for my website TropicalSeashellTreasures.com not working. I have not been working on my website for a few months, due to medical issues. I am now finally back and fixing things and finishing my WA training.

    Wanted to let you know that I finally figured out what was wrong with my Tiny Coffee Donation Button. When I set it up I put USA in the Dollar section instead of USD. I its fixed and working perfectly now.

    If you would not have said anything I would have never know.

    Thank you

    Kinda Bush 🙂

  4. Thank you for letting me know about Paypal. I will have to see what I need to do to correct it. I know about the pictures bobbing up and down. The pictures are not the same size, so I have to resize them or replace one of the pictures. I will probably replace the picture I took of the Sunset. I have so many other Images I have taken, that would be much better for my theme. I have had some medical issues and have been unable to work on the completion of all my pages and posts. I will be continuing to update and complete my website this week.

    I hope you will come back soon to see my progress and the corrections you have made me aware of. Have a great New Years Eve and may you be blessed with success and a prosperous future.

    Happy Shelling,

    Kinda Bush

  5. Kinda,
    I tried to do a donation on your site and this is the error I got in Paypal:

    This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USA. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency.

    Also because the images at the top of this page revolving larger to smaller to larger, the screen while I am typing this keeping bobbing up and down. Hard to type.


  6. Thank you Maria,

    I am truly blessed, to be able to live in the beautiful city of Madeira Beach, Florida.

  7. It is working. Good start. I have an idea for a press release for you to newspapers and magazines.

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